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Sunday  •  November 1, 2020

When Did the Legalization of Sports Gambling in Maryland Become an HCPSS Board of Education Issue?

By Steven Keller


This week, District 4 BOE incumbent Jen Mallo and her re-election campaign team have been handing out Ballot Cheat Sheets created by the “Vote Yes on Question 2” Super PAC (a pro-“Sports Gambling in Maryland” PAC).

This sample ballot is fraudulently labeled as a “Democratic Party Sample Ballot” despite being created by a sports gambling Super PAC. The sample ballot visually instructs voters on how to vote, with bubbles filled in for partisan (Democratic) candidates, as well as for Jen Mallo for BOE in District 4 and, of course, “YES” to “Question 2” (legalization of sports gambling in MD).

This was first revealed with picture evidence on the Howard County Neighbors United Facebook group earlier this week and has yet to be stopped by election judges — Mallo’s team has been spotted still handing out these “Vote Yes on Question 2” sample ballots as of today (Sunday).


Shamelessly embracing partisan political endorsements & engaging in partisan political campaigning is one thing……but outright conflation of a Board of Education campaign with an issue as far out-of-bounds as the legalization of sports gambling seems like a bridge too far.

Can nothing be done to stop to unethical behavior?


What if the distribution of these insidious partisan sample ballots created by gambling industry lobbyists results in the re-election of Jen Mallo?


This is an extremely slippery slope and will only negatively impact HCPSS and HoCo elections in the future, if left unchecked…..


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