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HoCo Watchdogs, LLC has been founded to provide genuinely independent investigative research and sensible non-partisan advocacy to the residents of Howard County, Maryland.
                                   – Steven Keller, August 2021

HoCo Watchdogs offers three unique services for the community:

  • Community Blog that spans a wide variety of Howard County & HCPSS-related topics, with particular emphasis on transparency, accountability, and ethical governance.
  • Secure Reporting Platform that enables Howard County residents, employees and elected officials to send information of public interest through secure technology that protects the identity of the source.
  • Newsletter with links to recommended articles & videos to be informed about important local issues.

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Would you like to be a HoCo Watchdog too?  Fantastic!  Guest posts are welcome and will be considered for publication at any time.  Please review the Guest Post guidelines and email your written post and any associated media (pictures, links, YouTube videos etc.) to:

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Include all unique & relevant facts, figures, videos etc. needed to support the topic of your post.
  • Keep all opinion commentary in your post focused, respectful and well supported.
  • Minimize political partisanship of the commentary and overall theme of your post.

All guest posts submitted to the HoCo Watchdogs blog will be reviewed prior to publication and may be edited to ensure compliance with all Guest Post Guidelines.  Any content deemed to be offensive or unable to be verified will be removed.

Any edits made to a Guest Author post will be reviewed with the Guest Author for approval prior to publication.


All Guest Authors have the choice of having their post published with their legal name, a pseudonym, or as “Anonymous Watchdog”.