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Sunday  •  December 1, 2019

Trial Run on New HCPSS Homework Policy?

By Steven Keller

Socio-economic based redistricting was recently proposed as a necessary first step towards achieving equity in education in Howard County.


A next proposed step seems to be to change homework to be an optional, non-graded practice, and Ellicott Mills Middle School is serving as the test case.

The article cited in this statement from Ellicott Mills MS can be found here


Questions that come to my mind:
  • How long will HCPSS study the impact of this policy before proposing to roll it out across all schools?


  • What metrics will be studied & used to justify a broader rollout?


  • Are there intangible life skills and benefits that students gain from being required to complete graded homework? If so, how will HCPSS compensate for the lost opportunity to acquire these intangibles?


  • What is the long-term impact of this policy on students as they transition to higher education and “the real world”, where they likely will be required to complete mandatory “graded” assignments & tasks?


  • Will HCPSS still consider a system-wide implementation of this policy if no long-term impact studies exist? What will be their justification to support such a decision? Will parents have a say in this decision?

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