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Sunday  •  January 26, 2020

Behind the Curtain of CR-112 – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series of Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) response releases that provide a glimpse behind the curtain regarding the planning and rollout of the Howard County Council’s CR-112 resolution in August 2019 that called on the Howard County public school system to ‘desegregate’ its schools.


The following text messages were exchanged on the day before and day of the press release for the CR-112 resolution between County Councilwoman Christiana Mercer-Rigby and her district aide, Felix Facchine.




Also included is a text exchange between Mercer-Rigby and a member of the 2019 Area Attendance Committee (AAC) that advised Superintendent Martirano on the creation of his school redistricting plan (as discussed in great, controversial detail here).  Curiously enough, it seems that this AAC member strongly advised the County Council to not proceed with the CR-112 resolution.




If you missed Part 1 of this MPIA response release series, you can find it here

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