Guest Post: The Rouse Project 2.0: The Truth about the Tenure of Former Columbia Association President Lakey Boyd and the Wrongful Smear Campaign Against the CA Board

Part One of a series of posts that critically analyzes actions taken by former Columbia Association (CA) President Lakey Boyd and the false narrative-laden smear campaign against the CA Board of Directors that occurred in the months prior to Boyd’s abrupt resignation. Part One focuses on a very concerning contract signed by former President Boyd that significantly lowered the monthly rent due by a Howard Hughes Corporation commercial tenant at one of the most desirable outdoor dining locations in the County, potentially costing CA residents over $1 million in uncollected rent payments in the long run.

Guest Post: Update on Lawsuit Focused on the Ball Administration’s Denial of Public Access to Hundreds of Emails Exchanged with Developer Lobbyist

“The Office of County Executive admits every claim of violating the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act, except one…they argue that County Executive Ball’s sister in law and campaign manager did not understand the law she used to withhold from public access almost 500 emails in the files of the Office of County Executive involving a politically active County lobbyist/ developers’ lawyer.”

Guest Commentary Letter: “Something Strange Going on in the Democratic Race for the District 4 Howard County Council Seat”

“In my opinion, we have something strange going on in the Democratic race for the District 4 Howard County Council seat. A “Trump type“ candidate is staining our local politics with the most dirty campaign that I can remember…”

Intrusive Letters From Nebulous New Non-Profit Organization About Columbia Association Elections

Many Columbia residents who didn’t vote in past Columbia Association (CA) elections have been receiving an intrusive letter from a nebulous organization entitled the National Voting Behavior Institute. An example of the letter, sent to a District 4 Wilde Lake resident four days before this year’s CA election, is shown below.