Hot Mess, Zūm Express: A Retrospective Look at Some Root Causes of an Avoidable Howard County School System Calamity

A retrospective look at how years of poor school transportation planning and decades of shortsighted, unsustainable residential overdevelopment policies by the Howard County government have led to and exacerbated the current HCPSS school bus transportation crisis.

“Zum”ing Off a Cliff: Howard County School Bus Debacle Exposes Deep HCPSS Leadership Issues

A look at the history of the current Howard County school bus disaster with Zum Services, Inc. and how this situation is just the latest of many leadership issues that have plagued HCPSS in recent years under the tenure of Superintendent Michael Martirano.

Guest Post: The Rouse Project 2.0: The Truth about the Tenure of Former Columbia Association President Lakey Boyd and the Wrongful Smear Campaign Against the CA Board

Part One of a series of posts that critically analyzes actions taken by former Columbia Association (CA) President Lakey Boyd and the false narrative-laden smear campaign against the CA Board of Directors that occurred in the months prior to Boyd’s abrupt resignation. Part One focuses on a very concerning contract signed by former President Boyd that significantly lowered the monthly rent due by a Howard Hughes Corporation commercial tenant at one of the most desirable outdoor dining locations in the County, potentially costing CA residents over $1 million in uncollected rent payments in the long run.

State Bill 10-23 is a Political “Door-in-the-Face” Compliance Method. Don’t Fall For It.

A brief discussion about how State Bill 10-23, a bill that proposes to have two members of the HCPSS Board of Education be appointed by the Howard County Executive from a candidate list provided by the State Delegation, is an example of the “Door in the Face” compliance technique that certain HCPSS Board of Education members are facilitating.

Red Alert: State Senator Clarence Lam and Delegate Courtney Watson are Attempting a Partial Takeover of the HCPSS Board of Education

Details, concerns and a call to action about a proposed State bill that will give the Howard County Executive the right to directly appoint two HCPSS Board of Education members every four years and will also replace the five elected Councilmanic District members with three elected State Legislative District members.

“Ethics, Shmethics!” – The Concerning Disregard of the HCPSS Ethics Policy by a Political Action Committee Co-Founded by Board of Education Candidate Dan Newberger

Details on how three recent “ends-justify-the-means” election ads published by the Howard Progressive Project, a PAC co-founded by Board of Education candidate Dan Newberger, has led HCPSS employees to disregard rules in Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) Ethics Policy pertaining to political campaigning.

From HoCo Common Sense Blog: Councilmember David Yungmann’s Letter to Newly Redistricted Voters of District 5 Was Campaign Material on the Taxpayers’ Dime and was Unethical, Unlawful, and Unconstitutional

A detailed discussion and legal analysis of a concerning welcome letter sent from Howard County Councilman for District 5, David Yungmann, to District 1 residents who are slated to be redistricted to District 5 after the 2022 election.