Guest Post: Maryland’s High Court Misses Badly on HCPSS Student Member of the Board Case

A critical analysis of the recent decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals to uphold the constitutionality of a state law that authorizes a 16-17 year old student, elected strictly by 11-17 year olds, to serve on the Howard County Board of Education and cast binding votes on decisions that impact public school policies.

Safety from HCPSS Redistricting for Sale?  Revisiting the Record-Setting “Polygon 147” Campaign Contributions to The Calvin Ball Team

An overview of the unusually high election campaign contributions made by the HCPSS redistricting-focused “Polygon 147” Ellicott City neighborhood to The Calvin Ball Team in 2017 and why it is significant that they have made zero contributions to Ball’s campaign in this election cycle.

“All in the Family”, Howard County: How County Executive Calvin Ball Personally Authorized Ten Years Worth of Pay Raises in Just Three Years for his Underqualified Sister-in-Law Who Wrongfully Denied the Public Release of Hundreds of Emails that Included Evidence of Broken Laws and Backroom Development Deals

A detailed investigation of how Howard County Executive Calvin Ball promoted his underqualified family member to a county position that they didn’t have the educational requirements for and personally authorized ten years worth of pay raises in just three years for this family member after they wrongfully denied the public release of hundreds of emails that included evidence of broken laws and backroom deals on land use and development.

Guest Post: Update on Lawsuit Focused on the Ball Administration’s Denial of Public Access to Hundreds of Emails Exchanged with Developer Lobbyist

“The Office of County Executive admits every claim of violating the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act, except one…they argue that County Executive Ball’s sister in law and campaign manager did not understand the law she used to withhold from public access almost 500 emails in the files of the Office of County Executive involving a politically active County lobbyist/ developers’ lawyer.”

Guest Commentary Letter: “Something Strange Going on in the Democratic Race for the District 4 Howard County Council Seat”

“In my opinion, we have something strange going on in the Democratic race for the District 4 Howard County Council seat. A “Trump type“ candidate is staining our local politics with the most dirty campaign that I can remember…”

HoCo Watchdogs Newsletter – Issue #7

Issue #7 of the HoCo Watchdogs newsletter. This newsletter provides a concise list of articles, videos & social media posts for readers to stay well informed about important Howard County, Maryland issues such as public school policies, land use & development, and county governance.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Concerning Usage of the Howard County Seal in Three Pro-Janssen Evelyn Election Campaign Ads

Details on the laws pertaining to usage of the official Howard County seal and how three pro-Janssen Evelyn election ads, published by the Howard Progressive Project PAC and shared by the Evelyn election campaign team, concerningly include a replica image of the Howard County seal next to a picture of Evelyn.